Olive Wood

"Once the trees went forth to anoint a king over them, and they said to the olive tree, 'Reign over us!" Judges 9:8

Square dishes - set of 3
Olive Wood antispasto set
Bread Board (small)
Olive wood board for slicing bread
Salt or Pepper Mill (small)
Modern Olive Wood grinder
Cheeseboard with handles (large)
Olive wood cheeseboard with knife
Seven Piece Sommelier Set
Hand carved Italian olive wood box
Tuscan cutting boards
A set of 3 Olive Wood boards

Customers in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about buying sustainable products. Olive wood is the perfect sustainable, eco-friendly resource. The beautiful olive wood grain that you see in our products is the result of hundreds of years of growth. Eventually, olive trees stop producing olives and are classed as 'Ancient'. The branches and trunk become thick, twisted and knarled, and it is this wood that produces such a beautiful effect. Each item that is produced from an olive tree is unique, as no two grain patterns are ever the same. Olive wood is hard, extremely strong and has natural, anti-bacterial properties that make it ideal in the production of tableware and kitchenware. These products make ideal gifts from Italy.




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About Olive Wood

olive wood, caring for olive wood
An ancient Italian olive tree

Which Olive Wood Products?

  • Olive wood chopping boards
  • Olive wood cutting boards
  • Olive wood kitchen utensils
  • Olive wood bowls
  • Olive wood jewellery

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Olive wood kitchen utensils

The natural, anti-bacterial, eco-friendly qualities of olive wood make it ideal for all kinds of kitchenware. It is the perfect surface for cutting and preparing meat and vegetables.

An Italian kitchen would not be complete without a traditional pestle and mortar. Different sizes can be used for different purposes. A smaller one is suitable for grinding spices, whereas preparing fresh basil for Italian pesto requires something a little larger. Our olive wood pestle and mortars come in a choice of two shapes.

Another traditional, olive wood kitchen utensil is the 'Mezzaluna'. This is an extremely efficient way of chopping herbs, helping to retain the freshness and flavour.

Olive wood chopping boards

Every kitchen needs chopping boards and olive wood provides the perfect surface. It is eco-friendly and sustainable, it has natural anti-bacterial qualities and, if looked after properly, it will last a lifetime.

The natural anti-bacterial properties make olive wood ideal for all kinds of food preparation.

We have a selection of different types of olive wood boards to fulfil different requirements. In addition to standard cutting boards in rectangular or rustic design, we also have specialised cheese boards, meat cutting boards and different sized bread boards, which come with a tray underneath to catch crumbs.

Olive wood tableware

All of the cutting boards are beautiful as well as practical, and make idea serving trays for meat, cheese, bread and vegetables. These olive wood boards will enhance any table setting, inside or outside. Bring a touch of 'The Mediterranean Lifestyle' to your home!

We also have a selection of lovely Italian 'Antipasti' serving dishes in ancient olive wood that make perfect gifts from Italy. These are ideal for serving portions of olives, nuts, sun-dried tomatoes or parmesan cheese. There is nothing better for serving salad than a large, rustic, olive wood board, made from a single piece of olive wood. These bowls also come in smaller sizes for individual servings.

The beautiful grain of ancient olive wood creates a wonderful effect on a decorative carved bowl. These can be used as ornaments in any room of your house, or make the ideal place to store fruit. There are many shapes and sizes, all of them unique, and some also come with handles.

Olive Wood

Olive oil is at the core of Italy and of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and olive trees can be found in abundance all over the region. Olive oil is still considered sacred in many parts of the world and is widely used in religious ceremonies. An olive branch has long been considered as a symbol of peace, and the Romans used an olive wreath as a symbol of victory.

All in all, over many thousands of years, the olive tree has symbolised peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.

The cultivation of olive trees in Italy is thought to have started in Sicily around 700BC. From there, they spread across Italy and were well established in Roman times. Olive oil became so valuable that the Romans sometimes collected it as taxes. Pliny the Elder wrote about an olive tree growing in the centre of the Roman Forum. The oldest known olive tree in Europe is in Sardinia. Known as 'The Ozzastru' in the Sard language, it is reputedly nearly 4,000 years old.

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