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"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." Guiseppe Verdi

In the UK, Italian leather bags are among the most sought after accessories in the world. Customers love the high quality of the leather and the tradition of skilled, hand made craftsmanship that have allowed Italy to build a reputation as the leading leather bag producer in the world. We offer a comprehensive range of Italian leather bags in both classic and contemporary styles, including handbags, backpacks and shoulder bags. All of our leather bags are made in Italy, from authentic, Italian, high quality leather, created by expert craftsmen and women and shipped from Italy directly to the UK. If you are looking for an Italian leather bag, you will find many different styles to choose from as you browse through our various collections.

Capri (brown)
Versatile Leather handbag
Amandola (black)
Compact, comfortable vintage leather bag
Square desk tray (chianti)
Leather tray for small objects
Belluno (chestnut)
Large, versatile vintage leather bag
Maiori (celeste)
Vintage style leather tote bag
Todi (tan/brown)
Cute, versatile leather bag

"I have received my Vintage leather woven handbag in record time. What a service, brilliant. The bag is deliciously gorgeous - just what I needed. Thank you."
Victoria L. (UK)

"I found The Italian Shop quite by chance . I was immediately hooked, particularly with the range and quality of the leather handbags and briefcases. I am sure this is not the only time I will buy from The Italian Shop and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Gail C. (UK)


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About Italian Leather Bags

Italian leather bags
Tuscany, the heart of Italian leather bag production

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You can browse through our different categories of Italian leather bags by selecting the 'Italian Bags' link on our menu, or by using the direct links below. Our complete range can be viewed by clicking on the 'All Leather Bags' link below.

All of our Italian leather bags are made from authentic, high quality Italian leather to the highest standards.

Italy has a reputation in the UK for making some of the best quality leather bags in the world. If you are looking for a small, vintage leather bag, or a larger, luxury Italian leather bag, you will find that all of our leather bags are made to the same high standard, with extraordinary attention to detail.

We have an extensive range of Italian bags in many exciting, modern and traditional styles. Whether you are looking for an Italian leather handbag, shoulderbag, Italian leather tote bag, Italian leather shopper, crossbody or clutch bag, we can offer you a terrific selection, all made from the highest quality Italian leather. Our leather bags are suitable for special occasions or everyday use, going to work or partying in the evening.

Leather Handbags

A traditional handbag is obviously designed to be carried in the hand. However, many of our handbags come with different styles of strap that enable them to be carried over the wrist or even adapted to be used as a shoulder bag or backpack. Whatever the style, all of our handbags are made from the highest quality Italian leather and are available in many different styles, sizes and colour combinations.

Leather Shoulder Bags

A shoulder bag has straps long enough to carry on your shoulder. Many of our shoulder bags allow the straps to be shortened to use as a handbag if required. We offer a wide selection of shoulder bags including tote bags and shoppers.

For mothers with babies or young children, the tote bag or shopper is ideal. As well as being very strong and hard wearing, these leather bags are often quite large, with a wide opening, and plenty of room inside. Larger than most shoulder bags, they are also ideal for those occasions when you have a lot to carry or when you are off on an extravagant shopping spree!

We also have a range of more traditional shoulder bags, many with detachable and adjustable straps, allowing the length off the shoulder to be changed or to be used as a cross body bag or handbag.

Budget Leather Bags

For many people, Italian leather handbags come with an expensive price tag. We have some good news! The Italian leather bags in this section are extremely good value and all come with versatile straps, providing several bag combinations for the price of one! In addition to benefiting your bank balance, carrying one bag in different ways is also good for your posture and your back.

Our smaller budget bags come with a long, adjustable strap, allowing them to be used as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. They are small and light, ideal for carrying essential items like money and a phone. They are carried in front of you, making them secure in crowded environments such as busy streets, crowded train stations or airports, while at the same time leaving your hands free. As with the rest of our Italian leather bags, they are extremely well made and are stong enough to last a lifetime. They are also small enough to be tucked into your hand luggage when flying on budget airlines.

Other budget bags can be carried as handbags, using the short handle, and as shoulder bags using the long. detachable strap. Some are even more ingenious, having two atached straps. The shorter one allows it to be carried in your hand or over your wrist while the longer one is a shoulder strap than can be unzipped to make a backpack!

Some have a variety of handbag, shoulder bag or rucksack strap configurations.

Nothing is more luxurious or more likely to impress a work colleague than a business or travel bag that has been designed and made in Italy with the best quality Italian leather from Tuscany. Many of our business and travel bags come with specialist stitching and striking metal fittings in addition to the highest quality of workmanship.

Leather Business Bags

The traditional leather briefcase has now been joined by a variety of other styles such as leather messenger bags and backpacks. Smart phones and tablets have made it necessary for men to carry something larger than a traditional wallet so, in addition to Italian leather men's bags, we also feature a range of backpacks and messenger bags, suitable for men and women.

Traditional leather business bags will always be popular and we have a range of slender briefcases and satchels in tan, brown and black leather, as well more vibrant colours such as green, blue or red, for business people who want to cut a more eccentric figure!

Our business backpacks are elegant and compact, but large enough to carry documents, a smartphone, small laptop or tablet. They can also be useful for weekends away from work. We do also have some larger ones, suitable for carrying larger laptops.

Messenger bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from those accommodating a phone and other essentials, up to larger bags that will easily carry a tablet and documents. They are styled on the old 'Post' bags, with a number of different compartments and a flap covering the whole front of the bag. At the top end, we have bags made from vintage leather, which look better as they age and also last a lifetime.

Leather Travel Bags

High quality leather travel bags are an excellent investment as they are strong, they look stylish and they will last forever. Most of our travel bags have a sturdy, full-length zip, additional straps with strong buckles and metal protective studs on the bottom. In addition to the more traditional 'Gladstone' style, we also have duffel bags and rucksacks. All are suitable for use as airline cabin bags.

Some of our travel bags are made in the traditional 'Duffel Bag' shape, with a large opening and a single compartment. The padded handles and detachable shoulder strap make them comfortable to carry on and off a flight, in crowds and on the longer walkways.

Italian Leather Backpacks

Travel backpacks tend to be larger than the business versions and can also be available in higher quality, vintage leather. All are extensively padded and have comfortable carry straps. These models tend to have a single, larger compartment inside with various smaller external compartments, making it easy to carry items you need immediate access to while travelling.

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, Italian leather wallets or purses are ideal. On the other hand, if you want to splash out a little more extravagantly, there are plenty of high quality vintage leather bags to choose from!

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