Italian Heritage

"Even now I miss Italy dearly, I dream about it every night." Eila Hiltunen

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Bronze and Murano glass letter opener
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The British have had a long and colourful relationship with Italy. From the era of the 'Grand Tour' when young British aristocrats visited the hotspots of Venice, Rome and Florence, in search of excitement and culture, to the fascination with Liguria, encapsulated in the novel, 'The Enchanted April', written by British novelist, Elizabeth von Arnim. The Amalfi Coast has always been popular with British visitors and many celebrities have made their homes there. Gracie Fields lived in Capri, where she owned a restaurant, DH Lawrence lived in Sicily and British rock star, Sting and his wife ,Trudi Styler, own a wine growing estate in Tuscany.

It is easy to see the attraction. Italy has one of the richest and longest-lasting heritages in the world. Part of that heritage is the skill and artistry of its craftsmen and women. Italian design is legendary but also, the quality and timeless beauty of its products has created a lasting legacy, sought after by discerning collectors from around the world. The high quality of Italian design and production is evident in the antique styled pen sets, bookmarks and letter openers we offer. These heritage products draw a line back to the traditional values of the past. They are an enduring reminder of what makes Italian society so precious.

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About Italian Heritage

traditional italian hilltown
A Traditional Italian hilltown

"If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change." is a famous quote from Italian writer, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, in his novel 'The Leopard'. Those words, which are present across Italian society, explain why heritage and tradition are so important to Italians.

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

The Italian Family

Family is everything to Italians. All of their traditions and heritage are a part of that family and its place within the local comune. They will do almost anything to resist change.

an italian family meal

The family is the most important thing in Italian society. In the UK, attention is much more focussed on the 'nuclear' family. In Italy, family represents the widest possible definition. They include every branch and every generation. A family event, often held several times a year, will often include 20, 30 or even more, gathering together to celebrate national events, religious occasions or family celebrations. Weddings can include 600 in the guest list. You will often see three or four generations spending time together, including parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

italian lunch table

The main focus for the family is 'Pranzo' or lunch. This is not fast-food! Lunch can take up the whole day. The table is set with a huge array of delicious, home-made dishes. Italians take their time over it, savouring every minute and filling the air with animated discussion, accompanied with wine and laughter.

george miller quote
italian antipasti

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Italian People

italian family

Italians are warm-hearted and attractive and extremely friendly people. They are sincere, sensitive and value style over fashion. They work hard and are concientious, striving to maintain the values and traditions the grew up with. They seem to have endless energy. They talk a lot and wave their hands a lot and seem to be able to carry on several conversations at a time.

They are very affectionate and touchy-feely with no concept of personal space.

dh lawrence quote

Italians are deeply loyal to the comune, province and region in which they live. Often to the extent of dismissing any good qualities belonging to other regions. There is a phrase for it in Italy: 'Campanilismo' (the love of one's own bell-tower). This loyalty seems to last forever, passing on through the generations, even when the family emmigrated many years before.

The stemmi and gonfaloni that represent each comune, province and region of Italy, carry with them the heritage of all the people that live there, or have lived there in the past.

That heritage is immensely important to Italians. Local festivals are highly cherished and Italians are happy to repeat the same sequence of events year after year, taking genuine pleasure in maintaining these local traditions.

gonfalone of cosenza calabria
Gonfalone of Cosenza, Calabria
a selection of stemmi
A selection of stemmi from different places in Italy

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Italian Origins

a traditional italian hilltown

Large numbers of Italians left Italy in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as well as later, after the second World War, settling in many different countries all over the world. Wherever they went, Italians took with them a cultural heritage of thousands years of history, art, traditions, music and cuisine. It is the mission of their descendants to keep that great heritage of Italy alive. They are often keen to find out more about their Italian roots, visit the areas that their ancestors came from and forge stronger links with their past


‘Pure Ices’ Ice Cream Cart in a London Park, c.1910 (Courtesy of La Voce degli Italiani)

Official Italian consulate estimates put the community in Britain around 700,000, making it the largest Italian presence in the world, outside Italy. Italians now form the third largest European group in Britain, after Polish and Romanian communities.

francis ford coppola quote

Italian Heritage

colosseum rome

Italy has played a significant role in world history from before the Romans, through the Renaissance period and to the present day. There are many people in the UK and around the world with a great affection for Italy and Italian heritage. It might be because of an unforgettable holiday they spent in Italy or just because they love everything that Italy represents.

dh lawrence quote

There are many people in the UK who are of Italian origin, proud of their heritage, passionate about their country, their culture and especially their football! They remain proud of their Italian roots, even though they may be far from home.

Italian Quality

The quality of Italian products is renowned across the world. This leather bag has been made from the highest quality leather by expert Italian artisans.

italian leather handbag

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How can you describe Italian heritage? Above all else it is quality of life. Warm Mediterranean sunshine, stunning scenery, delicious food, excellent wine and great company. And, or course, there's the history! Thousands of years of important events that form the heart and soul of Italian society.

the forum rome

History is present throughout Italian life. Every village, town and city reflects that history. Every Italian is proud of the country's many achievements and they treasure that heritage, culture and tradition during their everyday lives.

Just take a look at the Sistine Chapel ceiling to see how Italians take pride in a job well done!

the sistine chapel
Sistine Chapel
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