Italian Ceramics

"... and anyone who has once known this land can never be quite free from the nostalgia for it." DH Lawrence

Traditional, rustic, Sicilian ceramic tiles
Bird - Small
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Lemon Clock
Ceramic and Wooden clock from Sicily
Fisherman - Style Three Small
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Cockerel - Large
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Traditional, Sicilian ceramic tiles

Italian ceramics are an integral part of life in Italy. Skilled artisans maintain the traditional skills of ceramics production and we offer a wide range of genuine, Italian ceramic tableware, kitchenware and tiles, intricately decorated and hand-painted in vivid, Mediterranean colours.

"I have just received the goods I ordered from The Italian Shop. The ceramics are so pretty. Everything came wrapped up very carefully and the delivery service was perfect with the goods arriving much quicker than I expected. I would certainly recommend The Italian Shop to others and hope to use their services myself again before too long. Very many thanks."
Nancy B. (Scotland)

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About Italian Ceramics

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Italian ceramics and pottery production

Italian Ceramics

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The Sicilian Collection

Sicily is a region of Italy that inspires the imagination and these traditional, hand-painted plates, perfectly represent this sun-soaked Mediterranean island with their vivid array of brightly coloured designs.

These hand made and hand-painted ceramic candlesticks are a feature of Sicilian culture.

No one who has ever visited Sicily will have missed the fabulous, unique ceramic tiles that are such a feature of the area. This collection of beautiful, hand painted tiles will make any house unique.

The Rustic Collection

Our 'Rustic' collection of hand-painted ceramics from the south of Italy, are available in three distinctive and evocative styles: 'Fruit Harvest' (with blue of green edging), 'Rural Scene' and 'Flower Garland'.

All of the items we display can be supplied in any of the designs by special order.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is centred around long, leisurely, family lunches in the sunshine. Our Italian ceramic tableware, hand-painted in traditional styles, perfectly recreates that lifestyle in any setting.

Anyone with an Italian heritage will have fond memories of 'Nonna', cooking over a wood stove. Our range of hand-painted ceramic kitchenware, including plates and bowls, hand-made spoon rests and decorated storage jars, bring back fond memories of that bygone age.

Our authentic, hand-painted Italian ceramics will enhance the decor of any home or provide the perfect gift of family or friends.

Italian Ceramics

The word 'Ceramics' comes from the Greek 'Keramos'. It was first produced in Italy by the Etruscans, using a technique called 'Bucchero'. Later, Tuscany and Umbria became famous for the 'Maiolica' ceramics they produced and Sicily, for the 'Baroque' style. Like everything in Italy, each region has its own unique contribution that the resident consider to be best of all!

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